Soapbox shampoo and conditioner Review/ Reseña del Shampoo  y acondicionador de la marca Soapbox


Todas I’m going to talk about an excellent hair care product  I receive complimentary  from Influenter to test and review. This product is the Soapbox shampoo and conditioner. 

Before I started with my review I want to let you know that everything I discuss in this review is completely honest. One of my missions when I started this blog  was to be able to share my honest point of view with others without any lie.

That said, let’s start talking about this product. The Soapbox shampoo and conditioner cames in four different scents: coconut oil, acai berry, Bataua fruit and argan oil. The bottle has 13.5 oz and the packaging is nice. You can find this product at your local Target. 

Something that caught my attention was the compromise the company has in helping others as part of the missions company. For each bottle of shampoo and conditioner bought a community in need receives fresh and clean water. For that to happen you must enter online a code they called: hope code. This code is at the back of the bottle. When you go online and register the code, automatically you know what community is going to receive clean water. 

It is great to know that there are companies that are interested in helping others in need. And that’s something we have to recognize. 

Now, about the product it self I have to said that the texture of the shampoo and conditioner are great. I think the shampoo needs to be more  thicker. I takes  me two washes to feel my hair clean. The conditioner leaves my  hair so soft, it’s consistency it’s thicker. It’s smells really good. I left the conditioner on my hair for 5 minute so my roots  and ends can hidrated better.   

I got mine in Bataua fruit and it leaves a very nice clean  and humecting hair.  This product is paraben   and sulfate free. Personally I like this shampoo and conditioner. In overall the product have excellent  qualities and really good results. I need to keep using this product to see if makes any difference in my hair growth or shine. 

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