Boxycharm June 2015

Hello!! It’s been a long time since I make a Post. I have been enjoying the beginning of summer time with my kids. 

Today I’m going to show what I got in this month BoxyCharm and a little review of each one!! 

Well starting with this month theme: 

“Sea La Vie”

With this theme the company is empowering woman to be free like sea is. Be open to new adventure to new things. Don’t be shy to try new stuff!! 

Ok!! Let’s get started with the products!! 

Eslor beauty Mask:  retail price $38.00
Skin tightening mask. The dried film of natural milk proteins, plant extracts, seaweed extracts, and minerals tighten the skin, help enhance blood circulation, and help diminish fine lines.

Personal Review:

I haven’t tested this product enough to tell if it works or not. But I can tell it has a fresh scent and so far my face have a good response to it. It has good ingredients so that’s good. 


    Doucce Click click lipstick: retail price 24.00

    Sheer and smooth color texture provides your lips a sophisticated and elegant shine. Lightweight and non-sticky formula glides on easily providing a perfect coverage. Infused with soothing and protective ingredients that leave your lips feeling good all day.

    Personal Review:

    I got the shade 806 Pink Coral. I love the color, the smoothness and moisturizing feeling of this lipstick. It is lightweight as the company said and has a decent coverage. I use a lip liner underneath so the lipstick can last a little longer and doesn’t bleed. 

      ncLA  nudes: retail price $16.00
    Personal Review:

    I got the shade Volume IV – 122 and I’m loving it!! I have been looking for a nude nail polish and I’m so happy to hit this one in my box. It last without chipping for about three days and the color is gorgeous. I want to try the deepest nudes in the collection. 

    Bellapierre Cosmetics kabuki brush:  retail price $29.99

    The best-selling Kabuki Brush is perfect for all over Mineral Foundation application. This super soft, dense brush distributes product evenly and quickly, making it a staple for any mineral makeup routine. It can also be used with powder, or to blend face makeup for a more natural look. This is a cruelty-free brush, and is made of 100% synthetic fibers that will not shed during makeup application.

    Personal review:

    I always say that I never get tired of receiving or buying brushes. So I like this kabuki brush so much. It dies the job really good. The only thing I have to critique is the price. I would never pay 30 bucks for a small kabuki brush. 

    The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream:  retail price $16.00

    Our Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream is a personal lighting crew in a tube designed to turn up the Wow factor to your look. Lighting Crew will perk up your complexion, accentuate the features you love and leave you with a natural radiance. Packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants derived from Pineapple and Green Tea, our Highlighting Cream will add a healthy, luminous glow.

    Personal review:

    I haven’t play with this highlighter yet but the color is very beautiful. The things I like about it is that is cruelty free and packed with good vitamins. I also like the idea to mixed it up with foundation sir serums or use it as a highlighter. I think it’s a pricey product because it is a small tube. 

    Overall review: 

     I think it was a great box and for 21.00 you can’t ask for more. So do the math:

    Finally I want to share with you a simple makeup I did were I used the Doucce Lipstick. Hope you like it!! 


    “Never say I can not before trying”


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